Recently, I was hired to photograph Braden Baker, a 10 year old boy in Ft Worth. It was a typical summer day in Texas, super hot, blue skies with some big puffy white clouds. One of the nicest families I have ever met greeted me at the door, eager for the shooting to begin. Ashley, Braden’s mom had arranged for several friends to come over and hang for part of the shoot. As we were waiting for everyone to arrive I met Chewy, the family dog, the exact same name and breed as my own dog, what are the odds? Braden is a model kid with a big heart, full of energy and just like every other kid with one exception, he has hearing aids. After Chewy ate off the 2nd set of hearing aids, they had a family meeting to discuss the cost, roughly $3500 a pair! Braden, armed with this new knowledge, decided that he wanted to help others that needed hearing aids but could not afford them, that is when he started a GoFundMe project. I was so blown away and inspired by this 10 year old boy that I wanted to share his story with everyone I knew. If this is something that interests you, here is a link to Braden’s GoFundMe page.

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